diVa® Laser Technology
diVa Laser Therapy

Customize your treatment with diVa®’s state of the art laser technology

For many women, the thought of addressing intimate challenges can be intimidating. But with diVa® by Sciton, the revolutionary, state-of-the-art laser technology for women’s health, women have the option of customized treatment with little to no downtime.

diVa® is the world’s first and only Hybrid Fractional Laser. With consistency, comfort and patient safety in mind, women are feeling more like their younger, more sensual selves. If you have experienced childbirth or menopause, two of the leading causes of a decline in vaginal health, diVa® may help you feel more confident and sexy in your daily life.

What are diVa® patients saying?

After experiencing diVa® treatment, women are feeling more confident and sexier. See what women who have said, “yes” to diVa® are saying about their own experiences with this revolutionary laser technology.