Microneedling with PRP

PRP Microneedling with Aquagold® fine touch™

Dr. Stanislaus is elevating the science of microneedling to cutting-edge. PRP microneedling with the Aquagold® fine touch™ delivery system perfects microneedling to encompass collagen induction therapy (CIT) and mesotherapy —delivery of product directly to its target.

This is a true lunch hour procedure; incredible results with side effects comparable to a mild sunburn.

A PRP microneedling facial combines microneedling with topical application of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that’s derived from your own blood.

This minimally invasive procedure creates tiny pin-pricks in your skin to trigger a wound-healing response that stimulates your skin’s natural collagen and elastin production. It also makes it easier for your skin to absorb the PRP, which further boosts cell renewal.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a nonsurgical treatment that punctures the top layer of your skin with tiny needles, creating micro-injuries that stimulate your skin’s healing response and boost its natural collagen and elastin production. It can improve skin tone, reduce pore size, and fade scars and stretch marks.

What does PRP bring to the party?

PRP helps initiate the regenerative process by utilizing the growth factors within platelets, revolutionizing the reversal of skin aging and damage. As blood flow slows with age, we can see examples of scars on the face and body, sun damaged skin around the eyes, translucency on the back of the hands and loose skin and wrinkles around the mouth. PRP helps to repair these cells.

Microneedling with PRP can be used on any skin type, the downtime is minimal, and the results can be dramatic. Skin is tighter, brighter, and healthier.

This is a true lunch hour procedure; incredible results with side effects comparable to a mild sunburn.

What is Aquagold® fine touch™?

AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ is a painless medical microneedle device for the delivery of intradermal treatments. The device features a vial for treatment attached to a head containing 20 microneedles.

Am I a candidate for microneedling with PRP?

Microneedling with PRP reduces scars, corrects hyperpigmentation, and minimizes fine lines and pores. It works especially well on acne scars, and works with all skin tones. It can be useful on the face, neck, décolleté and hands. It is not recommended for anyone with active skin conditions like eczema or infection.

What should I expect with microneedling with PRP?

Expect to be in the office for a total of about an hour. Here is the procedure:

  • We draw your blood and place it into a centrifuge to produce the plasma-rich serum.
  • We use the Aquagold handheld device to make tiny pin-pricks in your skin’s surface and deliver the PRP into your skin.
  • Most patients say they feel little, if any, pain.

What’s the recovery time for microneedling with PRP?

  • You’ll have some redness, swelling, and sensitivity for about three days. If your skin is fair, you’ll stay pink for a day or two longer.
  • Because microneedling creates tiny wounds, your skin will be susceptible to infection for up to three days after your treatment. Keep it extra clean and don’t wear makeup for one day.
  • Microneedling helps skincare products penetrate more easily. That also means active ingredients like Retin-A and exfoliating acids can be too harsh for the first few days after a treatment. Stick to gentle hydrating products and be especially vigilant in protecting your skin with SPF.

How many treatments are required for microneedling with PRP?

Treatment plans vary based on the individual patient. Most patients need a series of three to five treatments to get the full benefits.

For rejuvenation, plan on treatments once or twice a year after your initial treatment series to maintain your results.

When will I see results with microneedling with PRP?

You should notice a difference in your skin texture a week after your first treatment and improvement on acne scars or deeper wrinkles after at least three treatments.

How do I decide between this, and other treatments Dr. Stanislaus offers?

At your consultation, our aesthetics professionals will design the treatment plan appropriate for your needs.