Specialized Massage

More than massage: Holistic massage therapies renew energy and spirit

Few things can make us feel more alive, well and refreshed than a massage. But too often we think of holistic massage as a luxury rather than something that could be an important part of our self-care routine. Massage is more than a chance to spoil yourself; it can improve your physical and mental health and your overall sense of wellbeing.

Don’t wait until you are desperate, aching or stretched to the limits to get a holistic massage. Scheduling regular treatments can serve as a preventative measure for stress, anxiety or pain, while improving your overall sense of wellbeing. All of our massage services are pregnancy appropriate and can be helpful in maintaining comfort and reducing stress during this time in your life.

Neuromuscular massage therapy

Neuromuscular therapy treats tense muscles and muscle spasms by alternating levels of concentrated pressure applied to the body with the therapist’s fingers, knuckles or elbows. A steady pressure maintained for up to 30 seconds forces the muscle to ease and relax. Neuromuscular massage therapy is a common and effective treatment for back pain caused by muscle strain or other soft tissue injury. It’s also an excellent option for de-stressing – you may not realize how tense you are until you are massaged into relaxation.

Reiki Usui healing

Reiki is a form of energy balancing. The Japanese word "Reiki" is translated as "universal life energy." Reiki started as a practice of directing energy through the body without touch, to balance the mind and body. Reiki promotes relaxation, reduces stress and eases tension. The technique brings clients to a state of deep rest which can accelerate healing, assist the body in cleansing toxins and renew and balance the recipient’s energy flow.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage is a Swedish massage therapy using massage oil or lotion that contains essential oils customized to your goals. During the massage, the scent of essential oils and their infusion into the skin promote beneficial changes in mind and body. Different oils will give different effects, from calming lavender to energizing rosemary.

Take a Little "Me Time."

Take a Little "Me Time."

Tandem Point acupressure

Tandem PointSM acupressure therapy seeks to reduce muscle and joint pain, while improving joint mobility. This cutting-edge, hands-on therapy integrates acupressure techniques with active and passive stretching. Tender or painful pressure points are held in tandem, or simultaneously, to release tension and remove pain more quickly. Stretching through pressure points allows an even deeper release of painful holding patterns. Tandem Point acupressure is effective in treating back, neck and shoulder pain; chronic headaches, TMJ, reduced range of motion in joints and muscle pain.

Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is an alternative treatment that uses a light touch to manipulate the joints in the skull, parts of the pelvis and the spine to encourage relaxation, ease anxiety and treat disease. The goal of CST is to enhance the body's healing powers and boost the immune system, making this type of massage increasingly popular as a preventive health measure. CST can help improve the functioning of the nervous system, relieving pain and improving mobility and may help with back and neck pain, migraines, fibromyalgia and more.

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage uses personalized, herbal-infused oils and age-old touch techniques to detoxify the body, mind and spirit in a calming atmosphere designed for relaxation. Ayurvedic massage promotes circulation and assists the body in expelling toxins while using pressure points to promote a state of deep relaxation and body and mind rejuvenation.

Whether you are feeling stressed out, suffer from chronic pain, have an injury or just want to treat yourself, the array of specialized holistic massage services at Integrative Wellness has something to offer you.

Call us today to learn more about our holistic massage therapy treatments and find out which service will best suit your needs and help you live your best life!